When you register, you would have an e-wallet account, with your username and password, to do transactions like:

• transfer airtime & data
• pay for cable subscriptions
• transfer & receive e-wallet funds
• withdraw e-wallet funds to ur local bank
• monitor all ur transactions

• Registration Bonus – You will get 20% of your registration fee instantly, to start your business.

• VTU Bonus¹ – You get this bonus anytime you recharge:

  1. Airtime 2%; – Data 10%; – Cable N40.; Electricity N40
  2. • Referral Bonus – You will get 20% anytime you register someone else.
  3. • VTU Bonus² – U get this bonus anytime your down-lines (direct & indirect) recharge
  4. Airtime 0.35%; – data 1%; – cable N10.
  5. • Indirect Referral Bonus – U get 10%-1% anytime your down-lines (direct & indirect) register their own people.

All earnings are credited into your e-wallet account. You can decide to recharge customers from it, withdraw to your local bank account or sell to other partners as units.

Now you might ask: what if I don’t refer anyone? As a partner, you become an NCC-licensed telecoms distributor and earn commissions anytime u recharge on the platform.


In your e-wallet, u can also upgrade to higher membership packages and each of these packages have points known as Point Value.

  • • BASIC – N5,000 (20PV) -vtu & ref bonus up to 5th level downlines

• BRONZE – N10,000 (40PV) -vtu & ref bonus up to 6th level downlines

• SILVER – N20,000 (80PV) -vtu & ref bonus up to 7th level downlines

• GOLD – N30,000 (120PV) -vtu & ref bonus up to 8th level downlines

• DIAMOND – N40,000 (160PV) -vtu & ref bonus up to 9th level downlines

• PLATINUM – N50,000 (200PV) -vtu & ref bonus up to 10th level downlines

For any new registration and upgrades in your team, you gain PV’s.

There are 2 kind of PV:

• Total Monthly PV – this is total PV generated by your team in a month.
• Total Cumulative PV – this is the total monthly PV generated by your team over time.

• Monthly Bonus (₦100,000) – You qualify for this incentive for every month your Monthly PV is not less than 10,000 (ten thousand).

• Dubai Vacation (₦500,000) – You qualify for this incentive when your Cumulative PV is not less 25,000.

• Car Fund (₦2million) – You qualify for this incentive when your Cumulative PV is not less than 60,000.

• 1st House Fund (₦3million) – You qualify for this incentive when your Cumulative PV is not less than 100,000.

• 2nd House Fund (₦4million) – You qualify for this incentive when your Cumulative PV is not less than 250,000.

• 3rd House Fund (₦6million) – You qualify for this incentive when your Cumulative PV is not less than 500,000.

Note: To qualify for these incentives above, u need to be a PLATINUM member

** Do you know that over 130 million Nigerians recharge their phones periodically.

** Nigerian communications commission (NCC) Projects that Nigerians will spend over N7 trillion on calls & data in 2017. How much now in 2019?

** Nigeria spends a whooping N446 billion plus on airtime purchase every month according to the NCC.

** Averagely each Nigerian telecom user spends N2000 every month.

** According to the NCC as at 2016 , Over 3 million Nigerians recharge their phones every one hour..(think about this please)

**According to Vanguard Newspaper 91 millions Nigerians access internet

** $3.5 billion dollars per gigabyte of internet data consumption globally

** Data is now the new Global Oil & Gas

** Telecom Sector has surpassed OIL & GAS SECTOR

** Nigerian E- commerce industry recorded $ 1.9b figure in 2016 and the figure is expected to reach an estimated $ 3.9b in 2020.
The question is how much of this money goes back into your pocket or bank account or do you even make money for all the airtime and data you buy?
I know that the answer is NO, then

I am here by presenting Recharge and get paid to you this will give you a complete leverage to benefit from this TELECOM & ICT INDUSTRY

I Know you are already pondering on how you can be a part of this
So how can we register to benefit in the platform
Go to:
Fill join now application form. For your referral ID use Yinkusado. Make payment to the company’s account using the payment gateway provided and send to me evidence of payment. Let me know when you have made payment so i can follow up for you to get your account activated.
The account numbers of the company: First Bank 2033863900; Zenith Bank 101481277; Diamond Bank 0068623787; UBA 1021753634

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