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My name ALUMONA ALPHONSUS CHINAGORO M. My username is Mona30.

Today(5/9/2018) makes it exactly one year that I joined Recharge and Get Paid Ltd Telecommunication business @ Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium, Enugu, having attended the seminar facilitated by Chukwu nonso Emedike, a.k.a Fabulous on the 4th of September, 2017. After the seminar, I went home without registering but I was highly interested. The person who invited me didn’t tell me what’s all about. He just told me to come that something is happening at the stadium that might interest me. I jettisoned the call initially, but my Angel Gabriel persisted with his call. So, in order to have rest of mind, I went to the stadium on the 4th of September, 2017 and behold, Fabulous had already made #11,000,000. I pinched myself whether I was dreaming.

I went home that day disturbed. I couldn’t sleep that night. I calculated all through, possibly to formulate strategies that will enable me to break through in this telecommunication business.
My first action
I applied the law of wealth (work with a team of people and become wealthy), so I called about 20 people to come to Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium with utmost seriousness to see what I saw. One person joined me immediately with Bronze, she did bronze as I also entered with Bronze(#10,000). I made #4,000 immediately. That sounds good.

I used my money to register two people who never Did anything
I thought that these two people will scatter ground because they are into Networking but they didn’t take it serious maybe because they didn’t use their monies to register.

My Testimony

  1. I qualified for Leadership bonus of #100,000 every month after 3 months of my joining this company. And I have been earning this #100,000 every month
  2. I qualified for free International trip to Dubai in February, 2018, Just after my 5 months of joining this company. I declined to go to Dubai and was paid #500,000 in lieu. Apart from Mona30 account, two of my other accounts have also earned this. So, I have made #1,500,000 from International Travel Award and my last account will drop #500,000 this month
  3. I bought A Honda CRV Jeep in March this year, just after my 6th month in this company.
  4. I qualified for a laptop and tablet during the company’s promo between February and April this year.
  5. I qualified for Tear Rubber car in May after my 8th Month in RAGP, but I opted for #2,000,000 cash equivalent. My second account will soon drop another car
  6. I Qualified for house fund of #3,000,000 in July this year, just after 10 months of my joining this company.
  7. I just bought a plot of Land at Golf Estate in Enugu for #4,000,000. Duplex construction to follow in dry season
  8. Apart from the cheque payments, I have l also earned #11,774,000 from my my Registration, upgrade, direct & indirect referral bonuses and daily dividend. see screenshot of #11.7M later
  9. I have helped so many people all over Nigeria make something and believe in themselves, especially a jobless Graduate who qualified for Dubai trip in July this year and pursuing her Car now. I was happier than her when she qualified for Dubai trip
  10. I have investments in 3 other companies yielding monies for me daily. 1st one yielding 12% monthly, 2nd one yielding 15.5% Monthly and last one yielding 2.4% daily.

It may surprise you to know that I only Invested #10,000 in this business, that’s my Registration amount, but I understand the concept behind this business well and I do this business with Passion and undiluted Enthusiasm

May God bless the promoters, CEO & management team of RAGP LTD. May God bless Chiedozie my Angel Gabriel, my upliner in RAGP Ltd

Long live RAGP! Long live Ositadima Oshopo!!.

What will be your own story after one year in RAGP Ltd? No pain no pain🤷🏻‍♂. I can never forget the bite of Mosquito in Suleja, Niger state early December, 2017. But my first cheque which came, few days after I returned from Suleja wiped out the memory of the Mosquito in Suleja.

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