Ask any Oriflame consultant and they will list different reasons for why they decided to start their Oriflame business.

They may want:

-➡ To earn extra money for school fees, new furniture, renovations, better car, take care of parents, family or be able to treat themselves a little more.

➡-the possibility to see the world and travel with their family.

➡-A flexible schedule to spend more time with their family.

➡Independence when they can be their own boss and earn full time income.

➡I wanted to take care of my parents to be better in my life and not just be a passer-by, working with Oriflame helps me reach it.

What about you seriously?

Do you want to do something new and different in your lives?

So we have frequent questions people who want to know about Oriflame ask and i summarised the answers so as not to saturate you with info you won’t understand just yet.


1     What is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a 51 Year old established cosmetics and lifestyle company based in Sweden, already in 66countries of the world, UK, Russia, Kenya, Indonesia, India… Nigeria being the 67th and the youngest market, being about 4 years old.

As a partner with Oriflame, we are expected to start work immediately and look for people to do one, two or 3 of the categories to become:

👉 Customers who will buy the products and enjoy discounts directly from the company.

👉 Consultants who will join the business and start making money immediately with you.

👉 Connectors who will help support and connect  us to customers and people who might be interested in the business in case they are not ready now.

So that becomes your mission from day one.

Lets say you are a newly married lady, you just had your first baby ever, you don’t know how to bath and Nurture a baby and the only option you have is to get help so your husband says… “darling, I have 2 options for you… There’s this 9years old girl I saw that can come help you and another 51 year old woman, which would you prefer”…… If I am you, I would go for the 51 years old just like I know a lot of you would.

For us to be in business for 50years and counting, it suffice to say we know the business of beauty.🤷🏽‍♀

Our Core Values are

Togetherness, Spirit and Passion✔

Our mission is to fulfil dreams while we all

✔Look good

✔Make money

✔Have fun

2     What kind of Cosmetics does Oriflame sell?

Oriflame sells organically sourced cosmetics, which means that the products are skin friendly, and eco friendly, with no health risks, compared to other chemical based skin cancer prone products.

Oriflame Products include: Roll on, body spray, after shave, perfumes, make up products, Skin/body care products, hair care products, powder, foundations, lipstick, mascaras, personal care products e.t.c you name it

Also Oriflame has Wellness products and accessories like jewellery, bags, suitcases etc which are not available in Nigerian market yet as per new market but hopefully soon.

Please allow me to brag that we are the 4th highest ranked fragrance producer in the world. And our perfumes have won FiFi awards (that’s like Oscars of fragrances).✔

We are no 15 on the list of best networking to join in the world as at December 2017.As a matter of fact, the only network marketing company in Nigeria out of the numerous ones we have on that list

In Nigeria anyone can pay for all that but not in a global Regulatory body, we all know that.

3     Is Oriflame registered with the necessary affiliates in Nigeria?

YES. It took Oriflame 2 solid years to register with all the agencies you can ever think of in the area of their specialization in Nigeria e.g NAFDAC ETC…. integrity is a priority to us Most of our products pass through series of text up to two years before its finally released in the Nigerian market

In fact Oriflame Cosmetics Nigeria LTD was featured on Vanguard Newspaper during an interview with the Ambassador of Sweden to Nigeria, Her Excellency Ambassador Inger Ultvedt.

Ultvedt talked about the bilateral ties between Sweden & Nigeria, and how ‘’Nigeria is a priority country for Sweden in terms of global trade, innovation, entrepreneurship & business’’.

She also went on to say most Nigerian offices of Swedish companies are being spear headed by Nigerians, not Swedish. This correlates with Oriflame Nigeria, as our Managing Director is a Nigerian. 🇳🇬🇳🇬💥💥

‘’This indeed is a way of contributing to both employment and sustainable economic growth in Nigeria, as well as transfer of skills to the local community’’ she said.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper, 24th of April 2018.

Read here for more > https://bit.ly/Nigeria-Sweden?

4     Is Oriflame just for women ?

NOT AT ALL. Oriflame is for both genders. We have leaders too in Oriflame who are male and doing well; we also have couples doing it though we have more women than Men. This could be as a result of people’s mentality seeing it  as a woman’s business. Only people who hustle for excuses come up with that because we know so many men who own successful Cosmetic companies who import in large quantities or men who quit their cooperate jobs to join their wives in Oriflame.

5     How does the business world work ?

Oriflame is all about business Investment Opportunity. And the goal is to duplicate you.

The purpose is not to pile up inventory. Buy small, get people under you to equally buy small for their daily use or sales. And everyone smiles to the bank at the end of the month. It’s all about dedication and passion.

There are many ways of making money in Oriflame

  1. Earn 30% on every product you buy
  2. You earn bonus on what you buy and what people you registered buy. i.e. *what you buy and Sell +what your sales team buys and sells=Performance bonus which is paid monthly depending on your performance each month. So building a large sales team is very important although not compulsory if you don’t want to build a life time business)
  3. You get cash awards for consistency and growth from N150,000 up to  N150,000,000.
  4. You also qualify for Local and International vacation – all expense paid by *ORIFLAME☺

This will be well broken down in the next class after you have joined us.


Oriflame delivers nationwide even to the remote villages using  reputable popular courier company named DHL and Tranex. Once you register, place your orders on our website and pay online, or go to the bank consultant number and password given to you. your oriflame products will be delivered right at your door step at the address you provided to the company during your registration for a fee based on the courier company charges and not Oriflame or you can opt for SPO (Service Point Office) in your town to pick at a cheaper rate.


We make payment into the company’s account at GTB. we are one of Gtb’s biggest customers in Nigeria so far. Thats why if you walk into any Gtb bank you can make enquiries about the legitibility of the account you are about to pay into. They will tell you if it’s safe or not. There is hardly any Gtb cashier that doesn’t know about Oriflame. You can also make transfer into the company’s account or pay directly in the company’s website which is very safe and secure or use the 737 Oriflame payment method strictly made for Oriflame by Gtb.

Infact more ways to order have been verified which are very secure.


Note that as a registered consultant,you make  your purchase directly from the company at 23% discount. Immediately after your registration, a personalised page will be created for you on the company’s website where you log in to make all your purchase etc. A unique consultant code will also be generated for you for this log in


Oriflame pays us every month based on team sales. If you made below N2,000  for a particular month Oriflame pays the bonus into your back office and you can use it when next you want to place orders, and SMS will be sent to you from the finance department to this effect.

And if your money is above N2000 , Oriflame pays directly into your bank account where you can withdraw your money and use it for whatever you please. Please make sure you submit your active bank account to the company after your registration

  • HOW MUCH CAN I START WITH after registration?

Packages to start with aside from N2,990 registration fee are:

And optional fee for delivery which could be N2,100 for home delivery or N1,000 at an Oriflame service office in your town

N 5,000

N 10,000

N 20,000

N 35,000

N 40,000 & more..

The N40,000 package

Moves you from 0% -3% which is the level Oriflame starts to pay you

Qualifies you for welcome program which will fetch you extra N17,290

Qualifies you for raffle draw going on in the group

We all know the challenges we face financially as employees, business owners, unemployed or students. I want to officially welcome you to our team

THE DREAM BUILDERS are ready to help us overcome this.

Joining our team of achievers will help you leverage on the strengths of other people  who have same goal in mind positioning you to achieve your own goals while helping them to achieve theirs. I’m Happy to tell you that we are DREAM BUILDERS


If you are a working mother

Be that Mom you’ve always wanted to be

Not leave your children at the mercy of Nannies

Reach your financial goals

Achieve self development and be a better woman

Empower other people to do the same.

If you are a Man:

Provide more for yourself and family than your job can meet

Empower other people – men and women to do same

Reach your financial goals

Achieve self development to do the same.

If you are a business person

Provide additional income stream

Build on your skills as an entrepreneur and empower more people to start their business

Reach your financial goals

Achieve self development to do the same.

If you are a student or unemployed

Become your own boss, control your time and resources.

Achieve self development to do the same.

Achieve self development to do the same.

Let’s talk briefly on the looking good aspect as one of the offers of our business Opportunity

This is the major speciality of our company

We offer you a wide range of quality products from Sweden inspired by the best of nature and science

This means that all our products in Oriflame are made from natural ingredients such as plants, flowers and plant stems

Meaning that harsh or harmful chemicals are not used in producing any of our products this makes them completely safe, can be applied on any part of the body without fear of cancer and do not leave you with any form of reactions like other chemical products do

To take us further I’ll be taking us through 3 of my favourite products in Oriflame. We all have different tastes but these are mine:

It’s usually tough choosing my favourite because i love all products but these 3 are my favourites;

1. The tender care Balm

2. Love nature with almond oil body lotion

3. The new Love nature hair set

1. The Tender care balm

We call it the small but mighty and the Yoruba’s call it Gbogbonise

It’s a Multipurpose balm that works for several things such as;





Insect Bites

Nappy rash for Infants


And lots more

2. The Love nature with Almond oil body lotion

It’s a body lotion made with almond oil and suitable for all skin types

With its major ingredient almond oil it nourishes the skin and leaves you with an amazing soft, glowing skin

Interestingly this body lotion also works for stretch marks, erases traces of dark spots and has the ability to give an even skin tone with no blemishes

3. New Love nature hair set.

This new set consists of the following;

Love nature Shampoo for Dandruff control

Love nature Shampoo for all hair types

Love nature Shampoo for oily hair

Do you know that we have different hair/Scalp types?

Therefore different hair issues…

This hair set with its different ingredients for hair remedy solves various hair/Scalp issues

Helps my hair gain volume and strength thereby reducing breakage drastically

I strongly recommend these 3 products to everyone here

I use all of these products… They are the secrets to my happiness and big smile

I look and feel great with them

It’s very affordable… the most affordable hair set we have produced


There are three ways to earn in Oriflame in summary;

  1. Immediate profit from orders made which will be gotten at 23% discount,
  2. Performance discount bonus which are paid like salaries and
  3. Cash awards & Car awards

Watch the 2 mins video below that explains this

I guess the bugging question is How can I start?  Right?

To Start you don’t need

1. Certificates/degree

2. Experience

3. To break a bank

4. To be wealthy

5. To be tech savvy

To Start you need

1. To register

2. To be positive minded

3. To be committed

4. To be dedicated

5. Most of all to be 100% determined

6. Invest money

7. Invest time

8. Free your mind to learn the processes

9. Android phone with internet

10. Hunger for success

All you need to do is contact the person who invited you, ask questions, make up your mind to start, Send your details to the person that invited you, discuss how and when you want to start by paying for your 1st order and remember we are in free handbag, perfume, scarf qualification, and you can be part of it when you join this month and make a purchase of 600bp, contact the person who invited you for more lights.

You immediately get :

❤Starter kit

❤ access to your personalized online platform.

❤free support and trainings from Oriflame and team heads.

I want to say that we do not need to convince, all we want is to guide people with the Desire to earn extra income or full time income. No pressure but if you take this seriously your life will never be the same.

Pls feel free to ask questions Good people.

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