*Optifresh ☆ A Life time of Protection one of the Best Sellers in Oriflame*

*System 8 Crystal White with Active Protect Complex is clinically proven to provide 12 hours protection for healthy teeth. Formulated with Fluoride and a Whitening Active ingredient that gently lifts stains and plaque from enamel, giving whiter teeth in 2 weeks.*

*This toothpaste cures all teeth problem and is suitable for both adult and children

*System 8 Extreme Fresh with Active Protect Complex*☆ *is clinically proven to provide 12 hours protection for healthy teeth, while providing instant and long-lasting fresh breath. Formulated with Fluoride to help strengthen teeth and a fresh mint flavour for fresh breath.*

System 8 herbal blend*
*This is another good toothpaste for mouth care. As the name implies, its made from herbs*

*Optifresh offers a complete oral care regime for your whole family. The Optifresh range of oral care products will help strengthen your teeth to prevent cavities whilst keeping your breath fresh and your smile beautiful.*

*it has catalogue price of N2,090*

Buy 2 for N4,000 while offer lasts.

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