Optifresh benefits by Oriflame

*DESCRIPTION: System 8 Extreme Fresh with Active Protect Complex is clinically proven to provide 12 hours protection for healthy teeth, while providing instant and long-lasting fresh breath. Formulated with Fluoride to help strengthen teeth and a fresh mint flavour for fresh breath.*

  1. 👉 It cures tooth ache and bleeding gums*
    *👉Those people with mouth odour testified that it did wonder to their mouth*
  2. *👉 It cures tooth ache and bleeding gums*
  3. *👉personally, it cure bleeding gums for me just like magic. And cures tooth ache for my children. They came and give me their testimonies. Now they don’t use any other toothpaste except Oriflame💃💃🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻💃*
  4. *Fluoride also strengthen tooth enamel ( the hard surface of the tooth)making it easier to prevent tooth decay or gum disease often caused by excess plaque.*
  5. 🎈Strengthens teeth.
    🎈removes stains
    🎈maintains healthy gum
    🎈prevents cavities ( which we know leads to bad breath or mouth odour when in a tooth)
    🎈prevents enamel erosion ( when you experience irritation or sensational feel on your teeth then the enamel is off)
    🎈freshens breath
    🎈prevent tartars build up( decay)
    🎈prevents plaques.
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