Almond milk for a loving and beautiful skin.

Sometimes, there really isn’t much time or money to use a separate body lotion from the ones the kids have to use.

A lot of mothers can’t make time out of their busy schedules to hunt for a lotion that works for them, and then another that works for their children’s precious skin. They will rather just buy a single one and use it together.

As ORIFLAME is brand that thinks for all and sundry, it has made a body lotion good for all skin types and big enough for the entire family! đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜‡

This body lotion can be used for kids from the age of 3 up till the age range of adults.
This Dermatologically tested lotion is none other but the “Almond lotion” made from Almond milk for a loving and beautiful skin. Waste no more time as people are making testimonies already. We want to hear yours too!

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