Dental care using oriflame tooth pastes

*Total protection & Crystal white meant for Tooth 🦷 ache, gums & cavity related problems in general.*
*While Crystal white & Extreme Freshness Are meant for whitening and freshening of the teeth.*
*But it’s important to know that all our toothpastes gives you total protection for up to 12hours.*TESTIMONIES#MyDentalJourney*I already lost two of my teeth and was at risk of losing the third one as suggested by my dentist. Just like so many in Nigeria, I didn’t used to pay special attention to oral care. My first experience with toothache was over 10 years ago. I had sensitivity to cold, plaques and cavities were already forming on my teeth. We took some measures to alleviate it each time the pain came up.*In 2012, the pain became more frequent and intense that all the analgesics couldn’t help anymore. I visited the dentist after investigation, it was that I had a very big cavity that had reached my gum on two of my teeth and one upcoming another. I couldn’t bear the pain so I requested for extraction of the worst one. In the second quarter of 2013, the other one started again. I had to go for a root canal on the remaining two to help with the pain. After that I got relieved and was given a duration during which the filling would be taken out and a more permanent one done. After that procedure, my friend encouraged me to go for scaling and polishing to clean my teeth. I remember that day vividly, I had never felt so embarrassed in my life as that day. I was passed around because the plaque were so much. The dentists there were trying to escape attending to me� 😢. When I was eventually attended to, I could see the disgust on the dentist’s face as he cleaned. Even I was disgusted cos the taste in my mouth was horrible especially when I had to spit out🤮*Four months, I started having another episode of pain and was told that the procedure on one of the tooth went wrong and had to be redone. I was so tired of all the poking, injections and Xray😞. I had to decline and sought another dentist. We started trying other means of managing the tooth which worked for sometime and stopped. The dentist advised extracting the second one and crowning the third bad one 🙆 and creating a bridge to link the empty spaces to the other tooth. I never imagined I would lose two sets of teeth in my prime. I was so sad that I broke down in tears. I cried for minutes and when I was calm, the tooth was taken out😔. I had to go home to come up with over 200k to crown and bridge my tooth😭.*I went home and prayed for a solution. I didn’t want any dentist poking me anymore. I had had enough in three years. Then a solution came, I bought a toothpaste in 2015 which I started using and within a month, I noticed significant results. The bleeding from my gum stopped, the sensitivity reduced drastically (all gone now) and the third bad tooth which gave me a dull to medium pain was completely taken care of😱. You can’t imagine my surprise, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe I was completely free from my dental challenges. I had to do my own research to find out how that was even possible. I discovered the toothpaste contained the most important ingredient needed in oral care and is the only one available in Nigeria.*I held on to it closely and I make sure I buy more than I need cos it has saved me from spending so much to save my tooth. For 3 years now, I have been free from toothaches, cavity and bleeding gum. So when you see me bringing out all my teeth to laugh or smile, free me cos there was a time I was conscious of how wide I opened my mouth😬*TO GET YOURS: MESSAGE ME ON 08065485074 OR SAY I NEED AND I WILL FIND YOU.

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