Why Home-Based Businesses Usually Fail

Why Home-Based Businesses Usually Fail

If you’ve ever tried to run your own home-based business before, you’ve probably discovered that it isn’t always easy. In fact, very few home-based businesses become success stories. Recent research shows that there’s one successful home-business for every three or four unsuccessful ones. This may sound like a daunting statistic, but don’t give up hope! 

There are easily identifiable factors leading to failed, home-based businesses that you can be sure to avoid. Let’s take a look at the common denominators researchers have found with unsuccessful work-at-home opportunities: 

1. An Issue of Time 

Why do so many home-based enterprises flop? Because the time it takes for most distributors, consultants, or agents to get their business going is frequently underestimated.

Most businesses require time to be invested in marketing, establishing regular and consistent customers, cultivating projects and planning events, parties, etc. Many people discover that the job that was supposed to fit around their family’s schedule and lifestyle is actually consuming their whole life. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up your life to own a successful Enagic® business from day one! Read more about the exciting Enagic® difference below. 

2. An Issue of Dedication

How passionately can someone sell a product they don’t whole-heartedly believe in?

How quickly will the average person burn out on a product that doesn’t actually improve and enrich their customers’ lives and takes a lot of time and money to get started? 

The truth is that most consultants do not have the dedication to devote their time and resources on just anything. Time and time again, people give up because what they offer is not enough. 

When it comes to longevity, Kangen Water® is the difference! Find out more about why you’ll have the drive, commitment, and dedication to continue successfully growing your Enagic® business every day. 

3. An Issue of Expense 

The start-up cost of most at-home businesses is substantial, and the inventory most people are required to buy up front and store can be very discouraging to new entrepreneurs.

Also, trial and error is a costly way to learn how to market your business and can quickly deplete your savings. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars before you ever make your first sale? 

Enagic® offers a different approach to doing business. Don’t start your business in the red! Learn how you can enjoy a successful Enagic® business without the expense.   

The Enagic® Difference 

Enagic® knows you want a successful at-home business, so they’ve established a new way of doing it!

Here are some of the perks of owning your own Enagic® business: 

As soon as you sign up to be an Enagic® distributor, you’re ready to make your very first sale. With no start-up fees or inventory stocking, you can immediately start spreading the good news about Kangen Water® to your friends, family members, and greater community! 

After you’ve reached out to your inner circle and close community, you don’t have to stress about marketing your Enagic® business to the outside world. Enagic® can do the hard work for you! 

The Enagic Web System is a cutting-edge marketing program that will set you up with state-of-the art marketing tools and customizable websites that are proven to bring in interested prospects – never cold leads. This will save you time, energy, and money! 

When you observe how Kangen Water® has kept your family healthy for weeks, months, and years, you will have continued dedication to sharing Kangen Water® with others. 

This is a product that will actually make a powerful, positive impact on your community’s health, finances, state of mind, and greater environment. What could be more motivating than seeing your team members and yourself enjoy a healthy life, financial freedom, and overall wellness? 

The Enagic® compensation plan is generous and allows you to quickly advance in rank (and paycheck). This is yet another motivating factor that will keep you dedicated to growing your Enagic® business every day. 

With no start-up fees, no inventory stocking, no middle man, no minimum monthly requirements, you can have peace of mind that this is an unparalleled opportunity to earn income! 

  One phone call can make a difference! 

Don’t let your fear of home-based businesses keep you from discovering the unique, rewarding, and highly successful opportunity to become an Enagic® distributor. 

You can beat the odds and establish true physical and financial health for the rest of your life! 

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of Kangen Water®, and want to explore the Enagic® difference of success, contact me today to learn more about this exciting opportunity at www.adeyinkaogunrombi.com or register for a free workshop at https://www.yinka4real.com

Thank you.

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