Hi Friends,

Do you feel like you deserve more out of life? Are you stuck in a rut working a job you hate just to get by? We’ve all experienced the moment where we realize that what we dreamed we’d have did not become our reality. Well, it’s time for a change. We are meant to live ABUNDANTLY! You have the power to change your life for the better. You have options to create a more successful and abundant life. The future can be brighter. I am proof positive that success can be yours. I found my success with the Enagic opportunity and True Health. Enagic is a four-decade old Japanese company with a mission to help its distributors achieve a balanced life through true health and wealth.By sharing the health benefits of Enagic’s incredible product line, you’ll improve the lives of others, earn a generous commission, and become your own boss.  The benefits of being an Enagic distributor: 
1. Financial Health, Success and Growth
Earn a lucrative commission by sharing a life-changing product called Kangen Water. This is a product that you can believe in. What makes this opportunity so unique is the quality of the water. You’ll want to share it with your friends, your family, and everyone you know. The product sells itself. One sip and they’re hooked!For your first two sales, you’ll receive up to $340 depending on which Kangen Water machine your customer chooses. From there, it grows fast. For example:
3-10 sales up to $680,
11-20 sales up to $1,020,
21-50 sales $1,360,
51-100 sales $1,700 and
100+ sales you’ll receive (up to) a whopping $2,040 per sale! 

Now, think about just how much that kind of money will change your life. It has forever changed mine! As you climb in rank, everything is completely dependent upon your own personal goals, achievements and your team’s sales. This gives you the freedom to excel at your own pace. You can do this part time or make it your new full time business. Either way, success in this company is highly attainable!

2. Achieve Personal Growth

You can customize your own lifestyle, create your own schedule and determine your own salary. Spend your precious time building YOUR OWN success. You’ll feel accomplished when you achieve your goals and be healthier, happier and more successful than you’ve ever dreamed.

3. Make Lifelong Connections 

Through this opportunity and the amazing, highly effective products we provide, you’ll truly improve the lives of so many others. In doing so, you’ll give your own life deeper purpose and meaning. This is a level of success that not many experience. You’ll also meet like-minded, business networkers who will gladly help you achieve your goals. We all work TOGETHER, so you’ll receive business training and invites to company events, meetings, training webinars and calls – all of which will help to fuel your learning and success.Enagic is a global company, so you’ll have opportunities for travel and the ability to connect with people from all over the world. 

4. Sell and Market with Ease 

Join Enagic’s Web System to market your business online and capture online sales with state of the art tools, websites and full marketing system solutions. Enagic has everything you need! When you join, you’ll gain instant access to the corporate back office packed with business resources and a free website to get you up and running with your business within minutes! Get unparalleled marketing support, on-demand 1-on-1 training, and live chat with helpful staff to walk you through every step. Marketing your new business online has never been easier! 

5. Convenient Business Model Enagic wants every distributor to ENJOY their career!  

That’s why they created a business model that:  pays daily has no inventory stockings no volume requirements no auto-ships no distributor fees no hassles!Signing up is so easy!  Friends, Are you ready to Change Your Life? Learn more and contact me if you have questions, my information is listed below. I can tell you more about my success story and share a lot more information about our company, our products and our compensation plan. You owe it to yourself to at least take a closer look, you’ll be glad you did. I would love to partner up with you to help you live a better, more exciting life… Let’s do this!  

Yours in Success,

Adeyinka Ogunrombi
Enagic Independent Distributor
Maidstone , Kent

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