The many uses of Kangen Water® from Enagic®Drinking, cleaning, skin and beauty… but that’s not all!

The many uses of Kangen Water® from Enagic®Drinking, cleaning, skin and beauty… but that’s not all! 
Dear Friends,Kangen Water® is a smart, eco-friendly choice

You probably know by now that drinking Kangen Water® is a delicious, healthy way to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy pH balance in your body. Kangen Water® is a smart, eco-friendly choice for optimal hydration. But did you know Enagic® water ionization machines can do even more?

These amazing products provide wonderful benefits to your inner and outer body, and even your entire household! Here are just some of the many suggestions on how you can get the most of your Enagic® water machine: Strong Kangen Water

Strong Kangen Water, pH 11.0 Strong Kangen Water® is not for drinking, but it makes a powerful cleaner! You can use this water to clean dishes, kitchen counters, and cutting boards; remove tough stains (even oil and coffee!); remove roughness from vegetables; and get rid of those toilet bowl stains. Kangen Water®
Kangen Water®, pH 8.5 – 9.5 Kangen Water® is alkaline, and makes a healthy choice for cooking and drinking. You can use it to brew your favorite tea, draw out the flavor and aromas in soups and stews, revive the life of your plants, and clean all your produce. Neutral Water

Neutral Water, pH 7.0 Neutral Water is free of chlorine, rust and lead. This water is a delicious drinking water that can be used for preparing baby food. Medications should be taken with neutral water. Acidic Water
Acidic Water, pH 4.0 – 6.0 Acidic Water is not for drinking, but it is a marvelous choice for gentle cleaning and beauty care, thanks to its astringent effects. This water is also referred to as Beauty Water, as it can tone and firm your skin, condition your hair, and even shine your beloved pet’s fur! Strong Acidic Water

Strong Acidic Water, pH 2.7 Have you been looking for a safe sanitizer that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals? Strong Acidic Water can safely keep your kitchen, hands, toothbrush, etc clean and sanitized.  There is no end to the innovative uses of healthy Enagic® Water! You can always discover new ways this one amazing product can improve your health and household.
Discover even more – Contact me today! I have many resources available to help you better understand why Kangen Water® is the optimal choice, and I’d love to share these with you.
The choice for better health is yours!

Change Your Water – Change Your Life!®

Adeyinka Ogunrombi
Enagic Independent Distributor
Maidstone , Kent

“He who has health has hope, and he who has
hope has everything.” 
~ Arabian Proverb
Kangen Water 
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