Benefits of a Small Business Owner

Benefits of a Small Business Owner

Many people are feeling the effects of a weakened economy lately. If you are disappointed with your current career path and need something to liven up your income and life, consider becoming a small business owner. Small business owners enjoy flexibility, independence and pride that those working for others cannot experience.

Some of the benefits of being a small business owner:


You create your schedule, enjoy waking up early and going to bed early or sleeping in and working late. You choose what fits your lifestyle rather than letting a boss dictate your sleep patterns.


You can choose when you want to take vacation. No more requesting time off and hoping that someone else hasn’t beaten you to the punch. You can even share Kangen Water® while on vacation, expanding your horizons to places you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.


Being home will allow you to cook healthier food and have all-day access to Kangen Water®. No more vending machine lunches or water cooler drinks. You will be more hydrated.

You will also have more time for exercise. Many people try to squeeze workouts into a long lunch hour and then return to work sweaty. You can go to the gym on your time and enjoy a relaxing shower in your own home.

Social Network

Great health is necessary for all people, in all walks of life. Sharing Kangen Water® will allow you to meet many new people and develop a stronger network of friends. You may even build a great social life as you think of unique ways to share your health.

Once you have experienced the benefits of Kangen Water you will want to share the ability to produce clean, healthy water with everyone you know. Turning Kangen Water® into income is convenient and comfortable because you don’t have to be a salesman, you are simply sharing what you already know. True health and wellness is not a fad and neither is Enagic. You can take pride in a company and a product that has been promoting great health to many for over 36 years.

There is no up front cost in purchasing and storing inventory or even delivery to worry about. You share your knowledge with others and submit their requests. Let Enagic worry about the rest. Your client will have their Kangen Water® machine delivered directly to their house.

Kangen Water® can help you realize true physical health, a healthy mind, and financial health as you deliver great health to your entire community. « Healthy Finances, Healthy Lives

Adeyinka Ogunrombi

Enagic Independent Distributor
Maidstone , Kent

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium.
There is no life without water.”
 ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Kangen Water

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