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You’ve heard all about Kangen Water® and Enagic® and your interest and curiosity is definitely piqued. It has incredible health benefits, an unbelievable business model and it’s backed by a long-standing industry leader. And all that is great, no doubt about it. However, have you seen the water in action? Seeing a Kangen® Demo is an excellent way to learn all about the water and what it can do for your health.

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By tuning in to the live demonstration with Shan Stratton, you’ll get the added benefit of learning more about alkaline living through Shan’s awesome, alkaline living principles!
Shan Stratton EWS

Shan definitely knows his stuff! He’s a Nutritional Consultant and Motivational Speaker who has inspired thousands of people to take the next step towards health and well-being. He’s also been a Nutritional Consultant to numerous professional athletic organizations and hundreds of individual athletes in the MLB, the NBA and the NFL. Shan has a passion for Kangen Water® and wants to bring great health through alkaline living to everyone by teaching them about the principles of alkaline living through these incredible Live Demos! Mark your calendar and join us on Tuesday night at 9pm! 

Click HERE to sign up for the Live Kangen® Demoit’s free to join! Just enter your basic contact information (name, email address and phone number) and you’ll receive an email reminder with the date, time, and web link. You can access the Live Kangen® Demo on any device – computer, tablet, phone…anywhere you can access the internet. It couldn’t be more convenient, and it will truly change the way you see Kangen® forever! I’ll also follow-up with a quick phone call to the number you provide to make sure you have what you need to join, I’d hate for you to miss this!

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