The reasons why I chose multilevel marketing are as follows:

  1. I need to be with my family and build my own fortune, not someone else’s.
  2. I have worked as an auditor for close to 35years and i need to join my family in the UK. I have no permit to work and yet i craved to be with my family.
  3. In different reputable organizations, one thing that I find common is that the owners of these organizations want you to have sleepless nights if need be so as to see their organizations progress. For instance, A staff died in a workplace. She died on the job after sacrificing more than five years for the job. The organization never did a thing for condolence. They didn’t even go to see her family. They only called and sent SMS. The staff couldn’t visit either because the organization didn’t give anyone time. With MLM, you might have sleepless nights, but you know within you that its for your own future.
  4. I can double my income each year. With the sleepless nights, after a year, I discovered my income was doubled. When I had a job, I had to work for 4years before promotion came. The promotion came with an increment of 10 thousand naira or so. That’s to show you how it works.
  5. I utilize the internet purposefully. More than 60% of the work I do is on the internet. I invite people for meetings on the internet, I sell products when the need arises on the internet, I train people on the internet… I don’t chat if it is not necessary. The internet is my market place. Simple.
  6. I take advantage of the increase in population in Nigeria and worldwide. I approach everyone. I have it in my mind that the worst that can happen when I approach someone is to get a “No”. And I move to the next person. I accept the “No” to mean “Next Opportunity”.
  7. Ever since I joined MLM, I never had to worry about losing a job. While in MLM, I worked for a while. And while all other staff were panicking when something went wrong, I never did. Some staff even pretend to panic. I know I am financially secure.
  8. I don’t want to work for the next 50years… NO! I see people looking here and there for federal government jobs, which they have to work for 35 years before they can be entitled to 5million naira gratuity or there about. I want a business that I can build for the next 5-10 years and the business will continue building itself while I go to the Bahamas for vacation. A wise man said, ” If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. Clear… Network marketing gives that opportunity.

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