1. You own a personalized vtu Website/portal to manage your business online from anywhere in the world.
  2. You earn instant commissions for every airtime, data, cable tv subscription, and electricity payments you process on your vtu portal.
  3. You save more money when you recharge through your vtu portal than buying from other retailers (e.g the banks) and even making profit when you recharge for your friends, neighbors, or relatives, etc.
  4. You are given back 20% of your registration fee to do transactions and you can top up your wallet when it’s exhausted.
  5. You are paid referral commissions for 10 levels deep, when you and other members of your group connect more people to join the business.
  6. You earn overriding commissions for 10 levels deep, when other members of your group recharge through their own vtu portal.
  7. You get points known as PV (Point Value) for every registration done in your group. It keeps accumulating and doesn’t wipe off.
  8. For every month you reach 10,000 in Monthly PV, you’ll get a leadership bonus of N100,000. You could call this monthly salary.
  9. When you reach 25,000 in Cumulative PV, you’ll get an International Trip Fund of N500,000 (five hundred thousand naira).
  10. When you reach 60,000 in Cumulative PV, you’ll get a Car Fund of N2,000,000 (two million naira).
  11. When you reach 100,000 in Cumulative PV, you’ll get a House Fund of N3,000,000 (three million naira).
  12. When you reach 250,000 in Cumulative PV, you’ll get a 2nd House Fund of N4,000,000 (four million naira).
  13. When you reach 500,000 in Cumulative PV, you’ll get a 3rd House Fund of N6,000,000 (six million naira).
  14. Your future is secure because our products are consumed daily by everyone that uses a mobile phone, computer, television, or electricity.
  15. You can still keep your job while doing this business until it pays you enough to face it full time.
  16. You can do business from the comfort of your home. All you need is a mobile phone with an internet connection.
  17. You earn realtime commissions from the activities of other people in your group (or organization) even after you retire. This is called residual or passive income.
  18. You have the opportunity to empower lots of other people by engaging them on this simple and profitable business opportunity.
  19. Your own personal business coach. That’s me! I’m here to give you all the support you need.

… All these for an investment of N5000 or more for higher packages.


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