5 fingers of Network Marketing – Essentials for MLM Success

These are the 5 fingers of Network Marketing that are essential for MLM success.

Each plays an important role that you need to know as a Network Marketer.

1. Prospecting – This is very basic and no need for much deeper explanation. Especially, if you are a serious network marketer, you know that this business is a sharing business so it comes along with finding people to whom you’ll share the business or we simply call them”prospects.” You can’t do network marketing business if you have no prospects.

Make a prospect list. Think of all the people you know you can share the business with, then write it down in your prospect list. We are now living in a digital world and social media are now treated as if part of the daily routine of the most people especially the new generations. Your friends and followers are also your prospects.

***Update: Approaching – I have learned from one video of the Top Earner about his 6 fingers of Network Marketing. Approaching is very important part of prospecting and invitation. For nmore details, kindly watch the video below.


2. Inviting – This is where you invite people that you have written in your prospect list. You can take them to your business seminars if they have much time and see the business themselves. You have to classify your prospects because not all of your prospects have ample time to sit down in seminar rooms and hear the business presentations. Most of the people who will be your prospects are busy so you will apply for them different kind of invitation for a business presentation. You can also do online business presentation using your WhatsApp messenger .

3. Presenting – Learn different methods in presenting the business and shall depend on what types of people your prospects are. If the prospect is already wealthy then your presentation mode should not be hyping the prospect of buying dreams. Know what your prospect need and focus on what your prospect needs to hear not what you want to say. You can do one on one presentation, centering ( Taking prospect to seminar) or House party ( Presentation has to be done at home ).

4. Closing – No matter how good your presentation is, it will not count in if you will not close the sale. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they can already start this week or next week. One good thing to remember in closing a sale is you give benefit, give benefit, give benefit then close the sale.

5. Follow Up – If you found your prospect eager to do the business, make sure to make a follow up within 48 hours because as the day passes, the level of excitement lowers down or they talk to people who can discourage them. Or if your prospect attended the business presentation in the office you need to bring him/her again in the business presentation to be refreshed in the business idea.

Hope you learn something about the 5Fingers of Network Marketing that are very important if you do MLM business. Have plans and targets because if you ain’t aiming anything, big chances are you will hit nothing.


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