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Dear Members, Please find below an explanation of our compensation plan

  1. All Upgraded members are entitled to rewards as shown in the table for all their top up
  2. Everyone who engages in Referrals is entitled to the rewards indicated on the table (for both direct and indirect referrals)
  3. For all activities carried out in the team of anyone who engages in referrals, the reward is indicated in the table as prescribed
  4. For the Leadership rewards, note the following:
    1. To qualify for the leadership rewards, members must be on the Coral Package (N10,000).
    2. All qualified Members can now enjoy the Leadership rewards without the 40:40:20 rule – Except the Monthly reward for which the rule still applies.
    3. This policy takes effect from Feb 14, 2022.
    4. All registrations prior to October 1, 2021 (for the purposed of leadership reward) will have their PV reviewed downwards by 50%.l

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