Two guys were drinking in a bar.
As they were drinking, they started arguing, one guy pounced on his friend and started
beating him up.

After a long beating he realised that his friend was no longer breathing, he had already died instantly.
Then the guy started running away with his
shirt covered in blood. Those who were
watching the fight started chasing after him.

He ran to the house of a Christian man, knocked and said,
“Can u please hide me? I have killed a person and people are chasing after me.”

The Christian man replied, “But where am I going to hide you in my one room apartment?”

The muderer replied,
“There is no time to waste here; just think of anywhere you can hide me.”

After some time of thinking, the Christian man said to the murderer, “Give me your shirt and take my shirt, but remember to keep my shirt clean!”

They exchanged their shirts.Then as soon as the Christian man opened the door, people started beating him and he was badly injured such that he was taken to the police station.

From the police station, the case was taken to Court and the man was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to death.

The real murderer was safe at home but was feeling so guilty that he ran to the Court and said, “Can you please release that innocent man? I am the real murderer!”

The Judge replied, “Unfortunately it’s too late. You see the man has already been hanged.”

The real murderer ran to the police grounds where the man was
hanged and for sure he found him dead, hanging.

He knelt down and cried his eyes out and said to himself, ” You paid for my crime!”

He remembered the Christian man’s last
words to him:

That’s how the real murderer repented and became a Christian!

This is exactly what Jesus did for us. He died for the crimes which he did not commit on the cross of Calvary.

Now if you are thankful for what Jesus did for you, appreciate Him by just sharing this story.

“I was arrested for you…
I was whipped for you…
I was spat on for you…
I was slain for you…
I was humiliated for you…
I was nailed to the cross for you…
I died for you…
but was resurrected by the Holy power of God!❀

If you are not ashamed of Jesus, transfer this message to people in your contacts.
God bless you as you pass this around…πŸ˜‡

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