*You all should now know I am SKINCARE OBSESSED!*

The #1 question I always ask is regarding makeup removal and nightly face washes. 😳

*”Do you remove your makeup every night?”* If you’re like me and dont wear makeup daily, then I still ask, “Do you wash your face EVERY night?” 🤔

I’ve had so many people admit to me that they don’t remove their makeup, replace their mascara regularly and/or wash their face daily!

My reaction is always 😱 (eeeek) because aside from proper hygiene and skincare for the long term – this is primarily why 👇

Hello👋, my name is demodex folliculorum and I live in the pores of the skin of your face – that’s why it’s important to wash your face and remove makeup!!

The only way you can see me is with a microscope. I measure between 0,3 and 0,4 mm, and like spiders, I have 8 legs.

I like living in hair follicles that you have in your nose, cheek and eyelashes. These are places where there’s more fat to feed me.

I feed on your secretions and your dead skin. I can put up to 25 eggs in every hair follicle.

My digestive system is not able to eliminate my waste, so i accumulation them in my body until I explode and die. My remains cause hypersensitivity reactions.

According to some studies, in some people, I can cause infections on eyelids and rosacea.

I am a mite that is present in almost every adult on this planet.

*Are you gonna remove your makeup tonight?*
*Are you going to invest in a good skincare regime?*
*Or are you going to be grossed out and ignore it and allow these little guys to reproduce on your face? 🤮*

Speak to me for your perfect cleanser that doubles as a makeup removal

By the way – if your mascara if over 3 months old you might wanna throw it out and get a new one, too! Often people brag to me that they don’t wear mascara much (neither do I) so theirs lasts a year 😯 Nope! Bacteria begins to grow in your tube after the first time you use it. 90 days is the max you should go! 😐 it’s not about saving bucks, but saving your eyeballs and skin from
*B A C T E R I A!*

Lastly you might want to book an MSP or come in for a skincare consultation so I can help you choose the right regime and product suitable for your skin need. Call or message 08065485074

We put up a new skincare center that is so beautiful and conducive♥️♥️♥️.

You should drop by if you are around my Axis 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 in Kebbi State

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