*How to earn with Oriflame*

Recommend and sell products. You will earn some money on the immediate profit from all your customers orders

*When you become a consultant with Oriflame you are entitled to getting products directly from the company at 30% discount*

*Meaning that when you sell you make 30% immediate profit from sales*

*Every month, the company will still pay you based on what you sold in the month*


We’ve just covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time! That’s why we—independent consultants and leaders with Oriflame – are always here to support you, inviting you to training sessions and teaching you how to properly build and maintain your network.

You will also receive:
Access to the Oriflame Business App to help you stay actively connected to your sales network.
Free professional trainings to help you develop your business and leadership skills.
WE will help you create Pages to help you run your business more efficiently online.
Support via the website and your sponsor.

Time to say YES is now, please chat me up if interested……..(+234)08065485074…

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