Are you a lady between 21-45years. Do you wear makeup.
Have you tried our face foundation?
If No, then this maybe the most important and exciting message you’ll ever read today.

The One Everlasting Foundation

There are 3 shades to choose from..
√ Caramel for light colored
√ chestnut for chocolate colored
√ mahogany for dark colored

The beauty of this product is in >its 24hrs wear.
&It’s non sticky.
>Blends very nice with your color
>No chemicals..

You don’t need a powder on this.💯

How sure are you? Have I used it? Yes I have used it,And, I’ve sold a couple of it and I’ve received a lot of.. “hey, check me out.. How do I look, see, I don’t think I need powder on this o”. “hey, I just used the foundation and mum was like, did you buy two, you better order for another one”. “my friend actually thought I used powder “.

So, I know what I’m saying.
Currently, I’ve three shades available.. The caramel, mahogany and chestnut.

What’s your shade?

Message me on 08065485074 to buy yours.

Consultant 392092

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