Relentless Courage in the face of adversity

Congratulations Wanki Nuel Lum!

You are one determined lady and a leader per excellence. She knows what she wants from day one. Having connected on facebook she wanted to start her business immediately and I told her I can’t sponsor her because it will be too tedious and definitely unrealistic venture as it will involve so much that I can’t afford at the moment.

She was persistent and will chat me up every day, I even told her to join another team because it’s not ready at all. She insisted so one day I called her and ask her what she really want and why she is so adamant. She told me her story and the economic situation they are facing in over there. She told me about the restrictions and all other things they are facing in her part of Cameroon and I ask her :

Why do you think this is the right time to start something new?
Why can’t you just focus on what you are doing already ( schooling )

and her answer was : Mommy that’s the more reason why I should step out of my comfort zone

I told her to give me a few days to come up with a plan and some guidelines so we both know what our role will be from day one.

I contacted one of my managers Oyinda Ayodele if she is ready for a team from Cameroon and I told her the part she will play and the part I will play. She was so excited and came up with solid plans within one week.

I table everything to her and she was like mommy I am ready 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

That was how we started in Limbe and today we have team members in

She waited for few weeks so that her contribution money will be enough to make her first order and sometimes there will be curfew without prior notice. She was not deterred.

The first training we put togther was a mindset training and then we created a schedule for everything including when to order and when to pay so once you follow such schedule , you know your ETA.

Now the team hold daily skincare session in LIMBE and go to some other cities monthly for the big events…

Nuella closed 2 titles this month 15% and 18% and we all know 21% can still happen.

Congratulations to the entire 🇨🇲 squad
Congratulations OYINDA

You guys made it so easy for the team from Cameroon to do business from Nigeria. I am super excited for the result your efforts has brought to the table.

If you are in Cameroon and you want to be a part of the beaury business that’s has started changing lives in your country, you should contact Wanki Nuel Lum already and you will be given the ultimate plan immediately.

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