Reward for hard work by Modupe Majaro aka Aderuth, bosslady in

Modupe Omojaro:
Yesterday evening… I took delivery of my car in Lagos…. A dream I never thought would be achieved even in the next 5yrs…. Cos I know the background I am from…. The question I always ask myself was what if I had discarded this opportunity then, when it was introduced to me in Oct 9th, 2017? I would have ended up to be an apprentices at a tailor shop I wanted to enroll at, least I would spend 6 months learning, suffer emotionally, mentally, backwardness as a graduate from a prestigious higher institution… As a Wife who wouldn’t be able to assist my husband pay bills….. Even common to fill Gas, cook soup in the house, I will have to wait for oga, I met Ragp at the Lowest point of my life. today, my life is experiencing a tremendous lift …. From lack to surplus, I used to be at the mercy of friends to support me financially then, some would even shun me🥺🥺… When I remember my why join RAGP, it became my greatest motivation to succeed.. I come with a grateful heart. Thank you Jesus, RAGP 🍾🍾❤

Let my testimony be a motivation to someone here who is already giving up on your ragp business…… Don’t give up,… If I can do it… U can

RAGP has no working manual on how it is to be done to get to the incentives stages..
Leveraging online and offline is most likely important if you sincerely want to grow, if you are a business builder here… Adopt one, choose the one workable for you and u can as well combine the two… Follow the training, attend serminar… And most importantly be patient with the system, be consistent, be persevering… And above all, pray into your business 😁

No magic

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