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Dear Friend,

As an Enagic® distributor, you have the freedom and flexibility to run your business on your own schedule and determine your own salary. But you have probably already realized that your business will become exponentially stronger and grow much faster if you build a powerful network of like-minded, driven team members.


When you work closely with other Enagic® distributors, you will become invested in each other’s progress and constantly be challenging and encouraging one another to reach your goals. The advantage of teamwork is that everyone can have something to contribute.

Build a Team for Success


Build a Team for Success
Not only can veteran distributors share their wealth of experience with new distributors, but any real-life sales stories and prospect interaction presents an opportunity for the team to role-play and build confidence. The more you share and work together, the more likely you ALL are to produce faster results!

A lot of people who run their own business underestimate the importance of building teams, especially in a sales environment. But once you give it a try, you’ll see for yourself how powerful a supportive team can be! The basic first step is to define the kind of team you want to build. After all, if you don’t know your goal, how will you know if you have reached it? 


– What are your team members’ values and goals?
– How much communication do you want to have between team members?
– What is *your* role in the team?
– What are your commitment and the commitment you expect from the team?
– How often will you meet together to train, share stories, and encourage one another?
Will you attend Kangen™ Events together? 

So get with your Enagic® team, and determine how you want to work together to spread the good news of Kangen Water®, exceed your goals and dreams, and realize TRUE financial health!

Adeyinka Ogunrombi
Enagic Independent Distributor
Maidstone, Kent

 “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what
makes teamwork, a company work, a society work,
a civilization work.”
 ~ Vince Lombardi
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