Focus on Self-Care and Become Someone Who Helps Others Succeed in Business and Life – E-Friends August 2020 Issue

Enagic, as a global company dedicated to spreading True Health around the world, has always prided itself on a variety of outreach methods. One of the very FIRST methods was a publication started in Japan called E-Friends (standing for “Enagic Friends”). But it’s also a play on words because of the pronunciation of “E” is also the word for “good” in Japanese! So we’re really saying “Good/Great Enagic Friends!” The publication was started by Mr. Ohshiro himself and consistently profiled the PEOPLE of Enagic and how True Health (True Bodily Health, True Financial Fitness and True Relationship Mastery) were the REAL message of Enagic. Have a gander at the very FIRST edition below from August of 2001!
For years, E-Friends was published predominantly in Japan and mailed out to distributors in the country. With Enagic’s global expansion, we began translating E-Friends into English and eventually crafted a digital version. In 2017 the new improved degital version came into the new age!
We are excited to share with you the revamped version of the Global E-Friends newsletter. You can look forward to an exciting and revealing digital version of our outreach news letter dedicated to expanding the True Health message of Enagic and the continued success stories of our global distributors. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see YOUR picture in a future edition of Global E-friends? Think how YOU’D feel to see your story published for millions to read.
E-Friends August 2020
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